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Recently, I’ve said to myself that I’m going to start writing more chatty and personal posts, basically  when I feel like it. I will try and stay with my Wednesday and Sunday uploads but if I feel like I’ve had an experience/life event that I think will benefit you guys then I’ll let you know about it as soon as possible. I absolutely love my more beauty and travel posts but I thought I’d be nice to do this type of thing as you or a friend might be in the same situation. I will be doing more of these for my different experiences, e.g. Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Confidence ect. and if you have any requests then just let my know in the comments. Also, if your going through a similar situation and would like advice then you could message me on twitter, @beth_shaw x, Instagram, @_bethshaw or add me on snapchat, bethshawxx.

I feel like the last 12 months have been the craziest! I’ve been through so many different experiences so I’m going to go through the most exciting and upsetting 12 months so far!

~April 2015~

At the start of April, nothing really happened! I was going on as well as I could at school because my depression and anxiety went through the roof, to be quite honest! In the back on my mind, I was just looking forward to going to London for the weekend and dancing in the West End at Her Majesty’s Theatre on Sunday 26th. That day was incredible! The day after I got home, my step-dad had a really bad accident at work and to cut a long story short, he had a bleed on the brain and a fractured skull! After having such a nice weekend away and facing in London with my best friend, I felt bad to talk about my enjoyable times because my step-dad nearly died! The rest of April was full of hospital visits every night.


From left to right: Alice, Me and Liv in our dressing rooms in London

~May 2015~

May was the month I didn’t really do much at all. All I really wanted to do was stay in my bed/room all day and do nothing because I didn’t have the energy. School was getting me down and I felt like I wanted to quit it all!


My emotions and mental health was also not brilliant throughout this month. I can remember that I was becoming a bit more social and wanted to see my family but school was still the pain of my life. Everyone says that I’m really academic and smart but I just don’t see it in myself. My confidence at this time was really low. I felt like everyone I walked past was judging me when really, they were probably minding their own business.


I was getting a lot happier than I was over the past 2 months as the summer holidays were so so close. As I look back, the time off, away from all the stress, couldn’t of come at a better time! After I broke up from school, I started to spend more time with my best friend, Alice. We had known each other since we were 2 as we went to nursery and primary school together but when we went to high school, she went to a different one. The last part of the month was chilling out in the English sun and having fun with my friends.


On the 7th August, it was my mums best friends wedding. It was such an amazing day and the wedding was so so beautiful! Then on the 9th August, it was my Great Auntie’s 90h birthday! That day was also an amazing day as me and all the rest of the family got together and spent quality time chatting and catching up since the last time we saw them. Because my nan and grandad are from Manchester, all of my dads family live in Manchester so we only really get to see them at family parties/events. For the rest of August, I chilled out and went of family outings. On the 31st August and the 1st September, I met one of my idols, Ella Eyre, with my friend, Elise. I wrote a blog about it so if you want to read it, click here!!


Before Claire and Paul’s wedding


Some of my family at my Great Auntie’s 90th party


The dreaded school started again and I didn’t know what to expect to be honest. I started my GCSE’s and I tried to knuckle down and get on with my work for once but I then later realised that even when I tried and tried my best, it still didn’t get me very far.


I also tried to ‘blag’ my way through the 3 weeks I had at school before the next week off. I felt so relieved when I could just finally sit back and relax. During this week, I didn’t really do a lot! I obviously went trick or treating with my friends on the 31st and I also went to Alton Towers on 4 of the days with my friends. It was amazing! It was also my nan and grandad’s 60th Wedding Anniversary.


Elise, me and Alice at Alton Towers


It was my 14th Birthday on the 6th and I was so excited! I love special times like this throughout the year and I got to spend it with the people I love most! As you may tell, I am a very family orientated person. On the 7th November, I danced at the Regent Theatre, Stoke with all my dance friends; it was such a good day! For the rest on November, I tried to concentrate at school and just get my head down and do some decent work. Also, Adele’s new album, 25 was released so I was so so excited!


Me and my dance friends


I was so so stressed at the beginning of the month because I got tickets to see Adele live! It was so stressing just to wait until you were far enough forward in the queue to get tickets. Third time lucky, we got tickets and we saw her live on the 1st April 2016. I also wrote a blog about it so if you want to read it, click here!! Also, it’s the month of Christmas which has to be my favourite time of the year! This Christmas I got spoilt rotten! For my main presents, I got a gold macbook from my dad and Adele tickets from my mum; I was so so excited and pleased. On the 30th, my uncle got married and I was so so honoured to be a bridesmaid; it was a truly amazing day!



Me and Alice


As everyone says, new year, new start, new me! I tried that. I made new years resolutions after new years resolutions and I think I gave up by the end of the month! The new year, new me didn’t work because I was told a new life lesson that I really stick by. It is, ‘no matter what you look like, always be yourself. If someone doesn’t like it, why should you change who you are for them?’ January was such a boring month now I look back!


I was asked if I wanted to move into my step-dads house with my mum and I said yes! So we started to get a few things together and started to buy furniture. I absolutely love furniture/home shopping; it’s one of my guilty pleasures. My Adele tickets also arrived and I was very very excited and it dawned on me that I was going to be in a room with my all time favourite, most inspiring person ever and I just couldn’t wait! Also, Adele’s tour had started so I was loving looking through all the photos and watching all the videos on social media.


My Adele tickets


It was mother’s day! I love this day because I love spoiling the best three women in my life; my mum, nan and auntie. It was even more special as I’d brought the items and done everything myself and I felt very proud of myself. I also fancied a change so my hairdresser cut my hair. It was originally down to my elbow and it is now a lob!



And it brings us up to present day! On the 1st April, I saw Adele live and it was the most incredible, mind-blowing experience on my whole entire life! Click here to see my blog about it. I also haven’t really done that much so far this month but I’ll keep you updated on anything interesting.




I’m so so so sorry that this post is very very late and very very long! To be fair, I wasn’t expecting to write this much but I’ve gone into detail. Now it’s the night before I go back to school and I’m noting gonna lie, I’m nervous but a little unsure why. Why can’t I just sit at home and blog all day? That’d be the dream!

Thank you for reading and all your support. I love you all!

Beth xo


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